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You’ll also need space for storing old pieces and organizing your materials. Even a graphic designer, who may have little need for a traditional art studio, will still need a space to do work free from distractions. Exposure to art will inform your work and make you a better artist.

The program can help seasoned professionals understand how to move into energizing a team. At $642 per credit, the 32-credit program will cost participants $20,544 and can be completed in two years. The baseline education needed for a creative arts director position is often a bachelor’s degree in an art or creative field.


When you go galleries, bring your portfolio and the postcards or business cards that you made, and distribute the cards generously. Think of a visit to a gallery as a job interview. Come prepared to talk about your work, answer questions, give information about your work, work ethic, style and technique and so on. Do research about each gallery that you plan to visit so you can be sure that the galleries you visit show the kind of art that you typically make.

Include your website, email address, phone number and a simple description of the type of work that you do. Local art competitions draw a crowd of buyers, art lovers, artists, and judges. Entering art competitions is an easy way to show off your work while you collect helpful criticism and meet other artists. Keep an art journal detailing your new projects, your past works and your successes and failures. Keeping an art journal allows you to learn from your experience, explore your emotional connection to your art and make new discoveries about yourself and others. In your journal, record ideas, evaluate your work, discuss your method, ask open-ended questions than search for answers.

What makes a good life? Lessons from a study on happiness

Most post-secondary institutions require a minimum of a master’s degree, and many secondary programs require a bachelor’s degree and a certification or license to teach in the state. High school teachers and postsecondary teachers are both expected to be high-growth occupations according to the BLS, of about 8t percent and 18 percent growth ( ), respectively. At the post-secondary level, the BLS reports that median salaries for art, drama, and music teachers come in at $66,930 per year, with those at the upper decile earning $134,000. While specific data for art teachers at the secondary level is not available, the BLS reports that median wage for secondary teachers is $59,170 annually.

  • All this is to say, don’t sweat the clothes thing when you’re working from home.
  • According to GWA, employers who offer telecommuting options have seen increases in employee satisfaction, reduction in attrition, reduction in unscheduled absences, and increases in productivity.
  • Being successful is great, but if you don’t enjoy what you do anymore, is it even worth it?
  • Becca Brewer is building a better future on a thriving earth by healing herself into wholeness, divesting from separation, and walking the path of the loving heart.
  • On such days, I feel maybe slightly less focused, but I haven’t observed a noticeable change in my productivity.

It’s worked out tremendously well; Kate’s parents live just down the street, her mom got to quit a job she hated to take this one, and the kids adore their Nana. At home, no one will know you’ve wasted an entire day surfing reddit except your cat and your anxious conscience. You can claim these home office tax benefits even if you’re a company man whose company doesn’t provide you with an office and you’ve been forced to work at home.

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