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You can create additional sections in your My Tasks to organize high-priority work that’s due today, work that’s due this week, and longer-term work. This is the stage when you determine what can actually be done now, and who’s going to do it. Once confirmed I’ll look back at my plan and move some other tasks to my action lists. Gregory’s been living the digital nomad life in Asia for as long as anyone can remember, helping clients smash their goals.

According to Allen, the root cause for ambiguity lies in not being clear about purpose. And this does not apply to projects alone, this can help pretty much any issue that is on your mind. I discovered GTD in 2006 when I was poring over my daily to-do list. A distinct sense of unease lay heavy and I did what any self-respecting inexperienced MBA would. Since then, each day, GTD has been an indispensable part of my workday. After you have processed an item, you will need to organize it in one of seven ways (shown with gray squares in the flow chart).

Learn GTD® by Doing

It may be helpful to group your projects based on your «Areas of Focus» — the GTD term for the various areas of responsibility you have in your life. These areas are a tool to draw attention to your broader life goals while deciding what to work on next. If a task does not fit within the scope of any of your areas of focus, it may be time to reassess if it’s something you want to spend your time on. Or you may just want to separate your projects between «Work» and «Personal.»

For your GTD system to work, you need to build a habit of adding the correct labels to each and every task. The fewer labels you have to choose from, the easier it will be to remember. This way, when you’re ready to start the task or project, you’ll have all of the information you need close at hand.

Managing projects with GTD

There are five project planning steps of natural planning; we’ll give an overview of them and look at how they apply to planning a dinner out, then we’ll explain each one in depth. There’s a lot to learn about the Getting Things Done project planning system. For years I have used a system of folders based on my Areas of Focus.

gtd project planning

You can be most creative when you’re not self-censoring or restricting yourself by thinking about what could be wrong with one idea or another. In a group setting, create an open and inclusive atmosphere where people feel comfortable to throw ideas out and see what sticks. People can still point out what might be problematic with an idea, but they should frame their thoughts in a way that leads to follow-up ideas, rather than simply shutting down an idea or train of thought. Brainstorming is another important step in GTD project planning. Brainstorming has a lot to do with how, referring not to conduct but to the logistics and steps to accomplishing your project.

Brainstorming can be individual or collective, structured by specific techniques or completely free. However, what is most important is that it always should be conducted giving permission to capture and express any ideas, and then later on figuring out how it fits in and what to do with it. When you have an item that needs to be broken down into its constituent actionable steps, you are in the «Project Planning» stage. In Toodledo, you can create a folder for this project and start brainstorming a list of the steps that must be taken to complete the project. In the «Process it» step, there are three paths that you can take.

  • The sharing section of Toodledo allows you to easily delegate tasks to other people and keep track of their progress with those tasks.
  • This template includes all of the steps you’ll need to complete your review each week.
  • Some common contexts include home, work, phone calls, errands, school, computer, and the gym.
  • If in doubt, start by defining a single project and if any part becomes important, you can split it into another project.
  • This will hide the task from being displayed on the day-to-day task list.

Set reminders for yourself by adding these tasks to your preferred calendar app. The “someday/maybe” list is for compiling actions and projects that you might carry out in the future. Review your “maybe” list regularly to decide whether or not these items still align with your goals. Within the framework of David Allen’s GTD methodology, you define a project as anything that requires more than one action to accomplish and anything that you can complete within 12 months.

gtd project planning

Todoist is simple to use yet flexible enough to fit whichever workflow you settle on. There’s a reason why millions of people around the world swear that Getting Things Done changed their lives. While strict GTD isn’t for everyone, you’re bound to pick up a habit or two that will help you worry less and do more. Everyone what does gtd mean interested in being less stressed and more productive should try it at least once. For a full guide on how to add and use labels in Todoist visit our Help Center. Sync your Todoist with Google Calendar so that calendar events appear in Todoist as tasks and scheduled Todoist tasks appear in your Google Calendar as events.

Enter a due date for items that have deadlines, and use the checklist column to mark off actions that you’ve completed. Use the project column to indicate which actions correspond to a given project. Look for a tool that lets you capture and organize personal, project, and program-level information.

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